Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TRU and the NC Health and Wellness Trust Fund is committed to protecting the privacy of all persons who access this Web site. TRU (and its Web hosting organization) maintains safeguards to store and secure information provided by Web site users. The safeguards may be physical, electronic or procedural. This page describes how TRU collects data from this Web site and how that information is used.

What information does TRU collect?
It is TRU’s general policy to collect only information that the Web site user knowingly provides. In addition, the following information is routinely collected for all visits and is recorded in a log file:

Time and date of the visit
Browser and operating system used
Pages visited
Previous page visited

For general users / visitors
TRU does not collect any personal identifying information from users who browse the public areas of the TRU Web site other than those data elements listed above. Users browse anonymously. TRU does not review the use of the site by individual users unless that particular use:

Is directly relevant to troubleshooting technical or content issues
Attempts to violate security on the hosting networks
Degrades overall Web site performance
Is related to potential copyright violations

How is collected data used?
General user data is retained exclusively by TRU and its Web site host. Data is not shared with third parties or other outside agencies.

Data may be used to resolve any of the four conditions described above. TRU and its Web host organization may also analyze data in support of technical usage assessments, content enhancement, and capacity projections.

TRU may release data to third parties when full disclosure is required by law or under emergency circumstances. Under such circumstances TRU would make every reasonable effort to notify users of this release, except where such notice would violate the law or court order.

What about external relationships?
This TRU Web site is linked to other Web sites (supported by other organizations) for specific related content. TRU does not control the collection of information by these organizations on their Web sites. Users linking to other organizations’ Web sites will be governed by the Privacy Policies presented on those Web sites. This includes Web sites where no stated Privacy Policy may exist or be displayed.

How are cookies employed on the TRU website?
Cookies may be used to identify a user. TRU may use “session cookies” to provide greater functionality and improve technical performance. “Persistent cookies” are not employed.

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