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Justin Interview

Thanks to smoking, Justin spent the last two years of his life battling a vicious disease. And he wasn’t the only one affected by his illness.

Justin's Thoughts

Fighting stage IV lung cancer was the battle of Justin’s life, but the physical impacts of his disease were only the beginning of what he faced as a one-time smoker.

This is Justin

Meet Justin. He started smoking casually when he was 14. A few months after he quit at 28, he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. His life was cut short by one seemingly harmless decision.

Destini's Thoughts

Destini was a daddy’s girl and has the tattoo to prove it. Now she lives without her father, missing out on so many things she’d want to share with him.

This is Destini

Meet Destini. A high school senior with big dreams. Her smile hides the sadness of having lost her father to lung cancer. Now Destini faces the reality of what smoking can do, and the fears of what might happen if her mother doesn’t quit.

Destini Interview

Tobacco robbed Destini of life with her father, and in the process, left her with anger, sadness and a very real absence in her life.

Justin and Destini Uncut

Hear more about the reality of tobacco, directly from Justin and Destini. It’s their hope that sharing their lives saves others.

Reena - Storytelling

Because of tobacco use, reading a story to her son will never be the same for Reena.

Reena - Cards

Reena silently shares her story about being diagnosed with cancer and losing her voice box.

Reena - Limitations Interview

Reena misses the sound of her own voice, but has to live with that (and other health effects of tobacco) every single day.

Reena - Invincible Interview

Reena discusses how she felt so invincible when she was younger, but the health consequences of smoking caught up with her very early. Reena hopes teens will realize that smoking can affect them anytime.

Reena - Playground

Reena hopes she never has to call out a warning to her kids on the playground (they wouldn’t hear her); but Reena hopes teens will hear what she has to say about smoking.

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