Meet your local leader of the movement.

There are TRU groups all over the state, dedicated to preventing teen tobacco use in NC. They organize events in the community and keep the local media informed. Each county has one, but their work is impossible without teens like you.

Find your grantee below and let them know you’d like to help.

*Statewide*Demetrius Harvey (919) 832-8326
*Statewide*Toshia Davis (919) 572-6374
*Statewide*Florence Simán (919) 835-1525
*Statewide*Paul Turner (828) 648-1211
*Statewide*Missy Brayboy (919) 789-5900
*Statewide*Sally Malek (919) 707-5401
*Statewide*Thea Monet (919) 680-0376
*Statewide*Katherine Hampton (704) 826-8186
*Statewide*Steve Johnson (910) 739-0999
*Statewide*Bronwyn Lucas (919) 878-8777

Add your voice to the movement for a healthier North Carolina.



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Commit to staying tobacco-free.
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90% of us have never chewed, dipped or snuffed.